Thursday, December 28, 2006

In The End

While I had been following along other blogs for some time and trading mp3's back and forth online as well, starting this site was more of an impulse than anything. You also have to remember that earlier this year Nas seemed to be in the news every single day, so I wanted some way to catalog those stories but also cover his music, new and old, with the history and analysis I thought it deserved. Ten months and a hundred-plus posts later, I'd like to think I accomplished that much. And, as I have been saying since summer, with Nas' new album just released, now seems like a fitting time to close up shop.

Let me just give quick thanks to a couple general groups of people:

1.Guest writers: From John Book, who contributed the first guest piece, to Ill E, who was the brains behind two contributions, having guest writers made up for what I didn't know and took pressure off pending updates. Moreover, Nabs, in particular, was largely responsible for many of the breaking links I may have posted.

2.Other sites / blogs: Since RTA's inception, with gracious referrals from other blogs and message boards, the number of visitors here has been on a steady increase. I didn't start this with industry connections or anything, but it was able to grow thanks to word spreading as it so generously did.

3.Y'all people: I don't have the greatest track record when it comes to staying faithful to long-term projects. Often times, I lose interest real fast, especially online, where, with a couple simple keystrokes, virtually a whole world can be forgotten. Anyway, knowing I had an audience that kept coming back motivated me to keep this whole experiment afloat for as long as I have.

So, thanks.