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  • 001.In The Beginning
    Nas' first on-record appearance, Live at the Barbeque.
    002.God's Son
    Nas pleads with God: Amongst Kings.
    003.Young, Gifted, and Black
    Jacking For Beats Escobar style, The Foulness.
    004.QB's Finest
    The album that got lost between Nastradamus and Stillmatic.
    005.Living Legend
    The Nas and Dirty Harry Living Legends mixtape.
    Coverage of the first joint Jay-Z and Nas interview.
    007.The 11th Illmatic Track
    Brief sketch of Nas' varying personas and a last look at Illmatic Nas: One On One.
    008.Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding
    The World Is Yours remix and 5% Percenter theology.
    009.Hey Matlock
    In defense of the girl-record Hey Nas.
    010.The Firm Flop
    What went wrong with The Firm? Leaving off Time for starters.
    011.Freestyle Reality
    Early WKCR Nas freestyle over Large Pro's Gotta Get Over remix.
    012.The Arms of Nicky Barnes
    Deciphering the references in Silent Murder, an IWW rare track.
    013.Level 7
    The debut of the Nashawn / Nas song Level 7.
    The importance of vocabulary, as seen in A Few Good Niggas.
    015.Cell Therapy
    Where Nastradamus failed, Last Words managed to salvage a little.
    016.3-Gun Tactical
    Comparison of Stray Bullet, I Gave You Power, Me and My Girlfriend.
    017.Worst Enemies
    Emotionally-charged raps and My Worst Enemy.
    018.Q & A
    Question and answer session concerning the unreleased Death Anniversary.
    019.Rhyme & Reason
    A look at the Hip-Hop documentary Rhyme & Reason.
    020.Triple-A Rap
    New York's next generation? Papoose and his Nas collaboration, Across The Tracks.
    021.The Ultimate Taboo
    The importance of James Brown in Nas' music and Hip-Hop altogether.
    022.Realty Rap
    Nas' albums, metaphorically speaking b/w Sinful Living.
    Collection of news stories b/w Nasdaq Season Begins '06
    Nas' second on-record appearance, Back To The Grill.
    025.Street's Debacle
    What went wrong with Street's Disciple? Leaving off Talk of New York for starters.
    026.We All Can Escape
    OHHLA has issues b/w Just A Moment.
    027.Yeah Well-Well-Well
    Nas' Good Morning and the presence of The Isley Brothers.
    Stillmatic's You're Da Man in four parts.
    029.Da BackWudz
    The Decatur rap duo and Nas on their You Gonna Luv Me remix.
    030.One Mic
    What is Hip-Hop?
    031.Nasir Jones
    Post-Illmatic / Pre-It Was Written Life is Like a Dice Game.
    Post-Illmatic / Pre-It Was Written Understanding.
    Hype Williams and the movie Belly.
    034.Roundup PT II
    Collection of news stories b/w Streets of New York
    The intro to It Was Written in ten parts.
    036.Time Is Illmatic
    What made Illmatic Illmatic?
    037.Time Is Illmatic PT II
    What made Illmatic Illmatic? Memory Lane.
    038.Time Is Illmatic PT III
    What made Illmatic Illmatic? One Love.
    Nas and DJ Clue.
    040.The Power Switch
    Nas gets on New York radio and goes off.
    041.Rough Around The Edges
    The debut of the Busta Rhymes / Nas song Rough Around The Edges.
    042.Boricua Guerrero
    Reggaeton, Nas, and The Profecy.
    043.Alternative Rap
    Alternate verses to Da Bridge 2001, Street Dreams, and Watch Dem Niggas.
    044.Don't Get Carried Away
    The debut of the Busta Rhymes / Nas song Don't Get Carried Away.
    045.The Curse
    The holy I Am snippet The Curse.
    046.Talk Like Sex
    Nas' penchant for the sexually explicit.
    047.Rappaz R N Danja
    KRS the teacher, Nas the pupil.
    048.Don Ferquan
    Quan: more than just a weedcarrier?
    049.For The Right Price
    Ghostwriting, Will Smith, and Nas b/w Escobar 97.
    050.Roundup PT III
    Collection of news stories b/w lost Barbeque rhyme.
    051.Escobar Season
    The birth of Escobar.
    052.Escobar Season PT II
    The rise of Escobar.
    053.Where Y'all At
    The debut of the solo Nas song Where Y'all At.
    054.Escobar Season PT III
    The fall of Escobar.
    055.1 Beat, 2 Songs
    The Hardest Thing To Do Is Stay Alive / You Don't Know Me.
    056.The Frank White Seat
    What's beef? Jay-Z and Nas.
    057.Ether Effects
    The entry that makes your soul burn slow.
    058.Three Free's
    Pre-Illmatic freestyle / Escobar freestyle / Street's Disciple freestyle.
    Hot weather months and The Cookout.
    060.Deep Covers
    The suggestive meanings behind Nas' album covers.
    061.Best of '05
    Bossed Up / Road To Zion.
    062.Roundup PT IV
    Collection of news stories b/w the MF Doom remix of One Love.
    063.Babies Being Born
    Birth songs: Belly Button Window / Fetus.
    064.Missing Features
    Unreleased Nas features: On The Real / Holler Back.
    065.Vinyl Reanimators
    Interview with DJ Shame about the VR remix of Fast Life.
    066.Buggin' Out
    Five R&B remixes featuring Nas.
    067.Summer Reading
    Early interview with Rap Pages and The Source's "Second Coming" article.
    068.Love In Love Out
    What's beef? Cormega and Nas.
    069.Flowerpots And Things
    A retrospective of Nas and Nore's working relationship.
    070.Five-Finger Discount
    Sampling debates b/w a collection of Nas samples.
    071.Blindfold Me
    The debut of the Kelis / Nas song Blindfold Me.
    072.Deja Vu
    Verbal Intercourse and its two unreleased verses.
    073.Street Scriptures
    Storytime: Tales From The Hood / Wanna Play (Rough).
    074.My List
    A top ten rappers list and the unreleased God's Son song My Will.
    075.Homemade Fishing Rods
    The music of Nas' father, Olu Dara.
    076.In The Vaults
    A list of unheard unreleased tracks.
    077.Washed Up or Boxed In?
    Long-time Nas collaborator DJ Premier: does he still have it?
    078.Race Matters
    The role of race in three unreleased songs, including Eat These Bullets.
    079.Project Windows
    Project Windows: Nastradamus and unreleased versions.
    080.Roundup PT V
    Collection of news stories b/w Two Seater.
    081.The Storm
    What's beef? 50 Cent and Nas.
    082.Hate Me Now
    Internet people: where did Nas go wrong?
    083.She Don't (remix)
    The debut of the LeToya / Nas remix to She Don't.
    084.Buggin' Out II
    Five R&B originals featuring Nas.
    085.Seeds of Heaven
    Nas and political rap b/w the unreleased Blackness.
    086.Born Day
    Nas' birthday and the Kanye-ghostproduced You Made Me.
    087.Wake Up Show
    The treasure that was the Wake Up Show and Nas' appearances.
    088.Guess What?
    Wild Gremlins? The linkage between three Nas tracks, including High.
    089.Reachin' A Ki
    Street Dreams and its many incarnations.
    090.Life in 1998
    Life in 1472: Jermaine Dupri and Nas.
    091.Music For Life
    The debut of the Hi-Tek / Nas song Music For Life.
    092.Everything I Love
    The debut of the Diddy / Nas song Everything I Love.
    093.Course of Nature
    The checkered working relationship of Nas and Nature.
    094.Kiss The Ring!
    Coverage of Nas' interview on the Tim Westwood show.
    095.Droppin' Medieval Science
    How Alchemist came to represent the sound of QB.
    096.Gangsta Tears
    Death of Escobar? The life of a bootleg.
    097.Posse Up
    Lil Jon's Grand Finale and ten other posse cuts.
    098.Keep Goin'
    How Suge Knight ruined a 1995 Nas / Dogg Pound collaboration.
    099.Roundup PT VI
    Early Hip Hop Is Dead reports.
    100.Another Yesterday
    Can Nas make another Illmatic? b/w Just Another Day in the Projects.
    101.Hip-Hop Honors
    Nas puts work in with vets: Run DMC, Scarface, and Slick Rick.
    102.Get Dis Money
    The Portrayal of money in Nas' collaborations with R. Kelly.
    The unreleased Serious in three parts.
    104.Thugz Mansion
    What's beef? 2Pac and Nas.
    105.Why You Hate The Game
    The debut of the Game / Nas song Why You Hate The Game
    106.New York Shit (remix)
    The debut of the Busta / Nas remix to New York Shit.
    107.Hip Hop Is Dead
    The debut of the solo Nas song Hip Hop Is Dead (HHID).
    108.The N
    The debut of the solo Nas song The N.
    109.One Plus One
    Long-time Nas collaborator Large Professor: the unreleased LP.
    110.Brolic with Knowledge
    The unreleased three-verse Stay Chisel.
    111.One Blood (remix)
    The debut of the Game / Nas remix to One Blood.
    112.Five Fingers of Miscellanea
    Five Nas songs: unreleased to remixed to live.
    113.Black Republican
    The debut of the Nas / Jay-Z song Black Republican (HHID).
    114.Blood Diamond
    The debut of the solo Nas song Shine On 'Em (Blood Diamond).
    115.Nas Will Prevail
    It Ain't Hard To Tell and its many incarnations.
    116.Villain State of Minds
    The pre-Illmatic song I'm A Villain.
    117.Where Are They Now?
    The debut of the solo Nas song Where Are They Now? (HHID).
    118.More Fingers
    Five Nas songs including the unreleased I Want It.
    119.Even More Fingers
    Five Nas songs including work with Wu-Tang and The Neptunes.
    The debut of the Blitz / Nas song Hush.
    121.Mixtape Tuesday
    A mix of post-Street's Disciple work leading up to Hip Hop Is Dead.
    122.QB Tru G
    The debut of the Nas / Game song Hustlers aka QB Tru G (HHID).
    123.Access Granted
    The debut of the video for Hip Hop Is Dead.
    124.I Already Know
    The debut of the solo Nas song I Already Know.
    125.Can't Forget About You
    The debut of the solo Nas song Can't Forget About You (HHID).
    126.Across The Tracks
    The debut of the Hip Hop Is Dead tracklisting and credits.
    The debut of the solo Nas song Hope (HHID).
    128.Play On Playa
    The debut of the Nas / Snoop Dogg song Play On Playa (HHID).
    129.Let There Be Light
    The debut of the solo Nas song Let There Be Light (HHID).
    130.Blunt Ashes
    The debut of the solo Nas song Blunt Ashes (HHID).
    131.Hold Down The Block
    The debut of the solo Nas song Hold Down The Block (HHID).
    132.Still Dreaming
    The debut of the Nas / Kanye West song Still Dreaming (HHID).
    133.Not Going Back
    The debut of the solo Nas song Not Going Back (HHID).
    134.Who Killed It?
    The debut of the solo Nas song Who Killed It? (HHID).
    135.Carry On Tradition
    The debut of the solo Nas song Carry On Tradition (HHID).
    136.You Can't Kill Me
    The debut of the solo Nas song You Can't Kill Me (HHID).
    137.Money Over Bullshit
    The debut of the solo Nas song Money Over Bullshit (HHID).
    138.The Séance Sessions
    Hip Hop Is Dead general album discussion.
    139.In Loving Memory
    A Hip Hop Is Dead sample collection.
    140.Hope Remix Contest
    Fourteen remixes of Nas' Hope.
    141.Stocking Stuffers
    A radio freestyle, a DJ Clue song, and two remixes (Snoop / Lloyd).
    142.In The End
    The final post on Rebel To America.


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