Sunday, September 03, 2006

Roundup PT V

Nas-related news:

  • It's September, finally, and there's a chance, a couple months ago, you would have been anticipating a new Nas album to drop in just a couple weeks from now. Well, with no radio single or video to speak of, you've probably guessed that the release date has been reset. It has, and the latest word from Def Jam says that Hip-Hop Is Dead will most likely find its way to stores in November. November 7th? (Props to Suspect for the picture.)
  • Kelis, in doing rounds of promotion for her own album, Kelis Was Here, also left a couple words on the subject, during a recent interview with Wendy Williams, "[Nas] is not done with his album. He's working. And him being the artist that he is, he takes the time that he needs to take, and he doesn't really care about deadlines. And when time for him comes to do it, he will do it. . . . Def Jam is actually doing really good for Nas right now."
  • Becoming more official with each new update, MTV is reporting that Will.I.Am. has contributed four songs to Nas' new album. Speculating, if those numbers stay consistent, that means that the punctuated-one probably will be responsible for at least a quarter of the project's entire production. Okay.
  • Another producer, Swizz Beatz, told MTV he submitted four tracks himself to the LP, "I didn't even try to get no singles, I just went hard-body." While most will shriek at the possibility of a Braveheat Party II, recall that Swizz is also responsible for one of Nas' catchiest unreleased songs, the up-tempo and unorthodox Two Seater.
  • From the mixed up files of Calvin C. Broadus, Snoop Dogg and Nas have apparently exchanged plans to make a movie together. Yes, a movie. Good money says that some illegal substance was also present during this meeting.
  • A collaboration that's more imminent than intoxicated, singer Joe has on a couple rap dudes, including Nas, for his upcoming album, Joe Who. The Nas song, Get To Know Me, actually was leaked last October. It's basically an R&B send-up of You're The Man and is as just as negligible as you would imagine. Trust me.
  • UK DJ Semtex posted on a BBC Radio 1 message board--so believe what you will--a recap of several Game songs he previewed from the Doctor's Advocate release. According to him, the Nas-Game track also features Marsha from Floetry and is produced by Just Blaze. However, if you'll remember the news from last time's Roundup, Cool and Dre were supposed to be behind the duet. Then, if you add in Nas' comments to MTV, it gets more curious.
  • Friend to RTA, Bounce has added a 1999 Chris Rock show performance of Come Get Me to his growing Youtube collection. It's worth a look if only to validate the point that, in a live setting, Nas' breath control hasn't always been suspect. Then again, maybe his coat gives him superpowers.
  • Because of last week's MTV Video Music Awards, the industry's biggest names convened on New York for a chance to party and pat backs. Beyond hosting his own little get together for Complex Magazine, Nas also joined Ludacris on stage elsewhere in the city. The two now-labelmates performed the unfortunate Virgo and the memorable Made You Look remix. (Additionally, in anticipation of the show's return to the Rotten Apple, Nas spoke a bit about his hometown, "I used to write rhymes on the train.")
  • Another labelmate of Nas', Fabolous, put out the song Monkey Business a couple months back. As the song begins its fade out, you can hear the BK rapper run down a list of soon-to-be Def Jam releases, "Luda in September, my nigga Jeezy in October, Hov and Nas in November", and then his own Loso's Way in December. Monkey Business was on the mixtape circuit before official word on Nas' November move ever came down from the powers that be, so maybe Fab is in charge of scheduling or something. Also, if you're wondering what a song between the two might sound like, 2004's Breathe Freestyle is your best bet.
  • Finally, thanks to for the strictly platonic plug last week.

Nas: Breathe Freestyle
Nas: Two Seater
Nas: Where Y'All At (Dirty Harry mix)
Nas f/ Jadakiss, Ludacris: Made you Look (remix)
BONUS: Fabolous: Monkey Business
BONUS: Kelis: Wendy Williams Interview


Blogger Game Theory said...

I liked Nas' verse on 'Get to Know me'. It was far better than that he dropped on the Bobby Valentino remix last year. Good info tho!

September 03, 2006 9:05 PM  
Anonymous Colin said...

I like the Breathe freestyle, but I like Statik Selektah's mix of that along with AZ and Mega's Affirmative Action verses over the Breathe beat. AZ's verse fits it so fucking well, I can't believe that he didn't write it for that beat.

Thanks for the heads up on the new Dirty Harry tape, I somehow missed that. Getting it now. I'm also not that worried about's contributions to the album. All his production work outside of BEP recently has been good. Even the BEP beats haven't been that bad.

Nas, AZ, Cormega - Affirmative Action 2004

September 05, 2006 10:12 PM  
Blogger Fletch said...

re: Will.I.Am -- the production he did on Justin Timberlake's album, at least for Damn Girl, is pretty hard for an R&B track. (His verse is kinda nice too.)

Plus, reports have said that Damien Marley is gonna be on one of the punctuated one's contributions, and I don't think they would try and put that dude over some generic club friendly track. So, yeah, I'm not completely dreading it, only like 60%.

September 05, 2006 10:56 PM  

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