Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Alternative Rap

Da Bridge 2001
The alternate verse for Da Bridge 2001 is more standard fare than what actually ended up on the QB's Finest album. There we got a pre-Ether etherous performance, the moment when Jay knew he couldn't let his ROC underlings go at Nas by themselves anymore ("Your hoe, your man, lieutenant, your boss get found"). In its place, more fitting the "I *heart* QB" theme of the original song, Nas tells his side of the 40 Side.

The world's largest projects / Biggest place / Fifty states / My city's great / Show the po' man / A sho' plan / Survival of the fittest / Rivals on the corner shooting / Cases acquitted / Homicidal drug wars / Looting / and Loitering / Trespassing / Just pass it / "Don't smoke in front of my door" / Old ladies nagging / Complaining / Bullets is raining / Go through the window panes an' / The first floor / they need to watch where they're aiming / Babies is walking and talking the slang an' / Their pants hanging / They only two feet / Ready for gangbanging / It's restaurants, pubs, and bodegas / Ballplayers / Thugs and haters / There's bloods and paper / Gangsta honeys / Intelligent ladies with jobs / Soldiers / Resting in graveyards / Prison cases and yards / It's one hood with history / That last forever / Queensbridge Projects / Now we blast together

Street Dreams
Appearing on the Street Dreams single, this bonus verse starts with a couple brags, even one about spaghetti sauce. Then Nas manages to squeeze in some three act gunplay with an ironic twist. Note the way he makes a weed reference ("pandemonium got me puffing Cambodian") and a car reference ("a letter 'L' on my car keys") sound new by injecting these basic boasts with a bit of creativity.

Ill designer fleece / Studded marquise / A letter "L" on my car keys / Thugging hard on Courvoisie / Pastas be Francesco Rinaldi's best / Mobile phones in the arm rest / Ladies be the bombest / I creep tinted / Park the whip / And grab the rented / Seems like I'm changing my locations every minute / Like a plague is on my head, son / I vision red rum / Warrant squads knocking at the same time the Feds come / Pandemonium / Got me puffing Cambodian / Grand openings of barber shops and stock / My jewel rock / Toking pronto / Living like a Pablo / Papi like a poncho / Until the state patrollers / Pull us over / Found the guns and the good / Had a nigga like "Nas had to run through the woods" / Sneaking out the next morning / Looked up to God / guessing all this was a fucking warning / Took my diamonds in for the pawning / Now I'm back on the climbing an' / Moving consignment / Through rain, sleet, whatever climate / So many ups and downs / Shifting / I was twisted minded / Made some time for the hoes / And pussy had me blinded / Big lip bitches / Sucking dick ridiculous / GS's and vest-es / Lingeries looking sensuous / Back on the block bugging / How the fuck I been through this? / Nearly cost my life / But now I can't show a cent from it

Watch Dem Niggas
On the clean version of It Was Written, a different verse shows up for Watch Dem Niggas ("Watch Dem _____"). The story this time revolves around a pretty-face, two-faced female, "watch dem _______." There's also a reference to the Donald Goines (see: Black Girl Lost) four-book series starring Kenyatta, "a black revolutionary, who campaigns against exploitation and evils of inner city life." Part of these lyrics later appeared on a mixtape-only track known as Take It In Blood 2001.

Unplugged shit / A thug gets hit / Sucker for love shit / Seven-carat stone / That's transparent / She loves it / dumb quick / Chasing my dick / Made a bum bitch / Stale fish / Heard she naked in jail flicks / Mamacita / black widow / Turned to be a back seater / Satin pillows / A pimpstress in willow / Cooking my blow and head slow / Ice swelling / Dishonor the grain / I gotta split my wife melon / So I can see the seven seas in my circumference / ??? / Polishing pistols / Like a gunsmith / I'm clever / My mama told me take cheddar / By slugs or drugs / Whatever calculate better / Rock an iron sweater / Under soft leather / Harder like Kenyatta / from the Donald Goines saga / Put forth together / Wanted in prison / By Queens narcotic division / Hundreds is missing / Every time they do a frisking / "All units position" / Blitzing / 'Cause of this chicken / I'm out to be captured / With no restriction

Nas: Da Bridge 2001 (alternate verse)
Nas: Street Dreams (bonus verse)
Nas: Watch Dem Niggas (clean verse)
BONUS: Nas: Take It In Blood 2001


Blogger Subculture said...

The "Watch Dem Niggas" verse is actually quite impressive. It may be better than what the finished product became. However, I can see why the other verses where changed. The Street Dreams verse almost sounds offbeat and uncomfortable especially in the beginning. The lyrics are on point the flow just sounds off. Also, both verses on take it in blood is pretty amazing. I would like to start a petition for Fletch to never post Reggeaton again.

May 24, 2006 6:10 AM  
Blogger the prisoner's wife said...

i always liked "watched dem niggas"...it was always one of my favorite songs on IWW, which by the way...was very underrated.

May 24, 2006 10:31 AM  
Blogger the prisoner's wife said...

and lol@never posting reggeaton again. i think Fletch can post Tego all day, everyday...just not the ish that gets played on the radio.

Fletch, i guess you can keep your imaginary $5. *lol*

May 24, 2006 10:33 AM  
Anonymous Dark Gable said...

Good post. I'm still hoping a DJ free version of Take It In Blood 2001 will eventually surface. Both Take it In Blood And Watch Dem Niggas are two of my faves off of IWW.

May 24, 2006 3:44 PM  
Blogger MiThRaZoR said...

lol@the raggaeton too... I don't really care what Fletch posts. I like reading his stuff.

I just can't believe this verse didn't make it to "Da Bridge 2001" I say that the alternative verse was MUCH better than the one on there. Cause at first listen, Nas kinda isn't what I expected.

I'll check the other ones when I'm off this 32MB RAM laptop.

May 28, 2006 10:58 PM  

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