Saturday, September 09, 2006

She Don't (remix)

Nas is on his R&B sh*t again, this time with LeToya.

Here's what I know about LeToya:

1. She used to be in Destiny's Child.
2. She once had legal beef with Beyonce and them.
3. Nas is on the remix to her second single She Don't.

Here's what I know about the song:

1. The production at least has strings and horns, which gives it a "classic" feel compared to most contemporary R&B.
2. LeToya is talking about getting a man from another woman. Nas is talking about females needing to be wary of their own girlfriends.
3. Except for two lines that sound awkward, Nas' verse is an above-decent one-verse R&B turn. Starts off a little cliché, but the latter half is more evolved.

Some girls lie a lot
They could be fly or not
Actresses cry a lot
Their girlfriends spy a lot
They could shake your hand, girl
Then they take your man, girl
The hood not knowing
We had something good going
Now these shorties after me
'Cause they saw us happy
And that you bagged me
Now they wishing that they had me
So watch who you hang with
And who you clang with
You know these bitches ain't shit
They hoping to bank chips
With a baller - and after she done laid in his bed
He never call her - he gamed her, then he left her for dead
Birds of a feather flock together
But chickens don't fly, they eat their own shit and die
Don't be affiliated, the relationship we had, I tried to imitate it
With somebody new, 'cause our love just disintegrated
I paid for ice to spoil
So I know best it's gonna take a good man to wife LeToya

LeToya f/ Nas: She Don't (remix)


Anonymous Colin said...

I'm liking this track. As an R&B song it's alright, and I like Nas' verse. It certainly ain't a highlight of his career, but it's a good verse for the situation. That "chicken's don't fly" line was nice. Thanks for the new track.

September 09, 2006 12:52 PM  
Anonymous Nigeria said...

Is it as bad as that Kelis track

September 09, 2006 2:07 PM  

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